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Doctor QuinnAfter completing his tour with the Air Force in San Bernadino, California, Dr. Quinn returned to New York where he pursued his post-graduate degree in orthodontics at the University of Rochester's Eastman Center. During this time, Dr. Quinn also participated in researching growth and development as well as cleft palate.

Dr. Quinn returned to Scranton after receiving his certificate in orthodontics, and began practicing orthodontics. In 1980, Dr. Quinn was awarded board certification, and in 2003, he became the first orthodontist in Northern Pennsylvania to become board certified a second time.

Dr. Quinn regularly participates in continuing education as a way to stay current with the latest advances in orthodontics. He is also Past President of the American Association of Orthodontics Foundation; a foundation that raises money to promote research and education in orthodontics.  Dr. Quinn was recently selected to be a National Board Examiner for the third consecutive year.



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